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TREK to the Volcano IMBABURA

San Clemente - PUKYU PAMBA is located at the bottom of Imbabura volcano (4630 m), or more accurately on the 'skirt' of Imbabura as one used to say in the region. Most of the children of the village climb onto the volcano as soon as they are old enough to do so...

Therefore it was natural for the community to organize treks to the top of the volcano. As far as security is concerned, you will be escorted by one or two of the "compa├▒eros" who dispose of a high mountain guide diploma.

The whole trip can be done by foot, but there is also the possibility to ride a part of the path using a 4x4 vehicle or a horse up to the place where the climbing starts.

TREK in the ecological reserve CAYAMBE-COCA

A 4-5 days trek depending on the speed, at around 3200 meters-height.
You will walk through the indigeneous community of "Nueva America", which works hard to maintain and preserve this unique ecosystem, the primary Andean forest..

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