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San Clemente is a small indigenous village of Imbabura region, near to Ibarra city, located in the Northern Highlands of Ecuador, at a height of 2890 meters. Most of inhabitants of San Clemente belong to the "Quichuas Karanquis".

In order to face the strong poverty, in which native communities of Ecuador have been kept for years, some inhabitants of the village decided to carry out a daring project of Ecotourism with the aim to stand for one another. This project was initiated in 2000 by a young couple, Laura and Manuel Guatemal, and some of their related family.

The idea did not fall from heaven as everything was already there to make this project become real and successful.

- Ecology and Respect of nature are essential points of their culture through the worship of "Pachamama", that is to say Mother-Earth.

- Solidarity is also one of the major characteristic: indeed, they are living in community and still practise "the Minga", which is a collective seasonal work in the fields or common road works in the village and the neighbourhood, but also constructions of collective buildings as schools and dining halls, football fields...

- Only the wish remained to make their culture and way of life become known by receiving foreign tourists.

The project is running well now, about fifteen families are able to host visitors. There is still a real opportunity to discover this country and its people from a different view than from the one shown generally by travel agencies as a postcard.