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As most of the tourists who visit Ecuador you will want to visit the famous handicraft market of Otavalo.

Otavalo is located on the way from Quito to Ibarra (2 hours by bus). When leaving Quito early in the morning, you can stop there. So you will have enough time to visit the market, go shopping for a while and have a break for lunch. Then you can catch the bus to Ibarra which is about half an hour far from Otavalo.

Once arrived at Ibarra (brand new bus terminal in the center of the city) take a taxi to San Clemente, the ride should cost 5 usd, no more ! (be strict) .

One of the characteristics of the Ecuador is that the taxi drivers often do not know the exact way to go there, so you can help them by saying : go to "Avenida Atahualpa, dirección La Esperanza", then it's straight away to San Clemente village. This will take around 15-20 minutes to get there.
Near the church of San Clemente you will see a wood sign saying "PUKYU PAMBA", then follow it until the last house of the path (1 km) which belongs to Laura and Manuel Guatemal (the people responsible for the ecotourism project).

Some taxi drivers can refuse to go beyond the wood sign because of the bad road... then you will have no other choice but to walk to the Guatemal's house!

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