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Preamble : whatever you will experience, trekking or not in San Clemente, prices remain the same. At first sight, this can be surprising, but what is important here is the time which is dedicated to you. This option is "A stay in the community" and your hosts will take personally care of your feeling home during your visit, or by guiding you up to the top of the summit of Imbabura.

This project of ecotourism of San Clemente is a project of the community. All inhabitants of the village are involved in it. Nevertheless, not everyone was able to make the pecuniary effort needed for the accommodation of foreign visitors in terms of house fitting and installations.

In some houses you will find all comfort required: hot water, private bathroom, sophisticated meals, etc..

But some other families with a modest life style will only be able to offer you a comfortable bed and their daily meal (quite improved of course).

The local boarding house addict people who prefer to stay in private houses will feel perfectly comfortable in this 2nd category, whereas families with children will prefer the first one.

Financially speaking, we can distinguish 2 categories:

For the first category of house:
$ 45 per day & per person

The best room:$ 55 per day & person

For the 2nd category of house:
$ 35 per day & per person

This double rates have been implemented to allow some poor families to take part of this ecotourism project and to avoid that the families of the first category will be the only ones to make good money.

All prices include : accommodation, 3 meals and all activities described in the page "Your Stay".

Children from 6 to 12 will be charged Half price and younger children are free..

Exceptions :
Horse riding to Imbabura = usd 20 extra
4X4 riding to Imbaburra = usd 30 extra

Traditional bands for music & dance usually charge usd 50 to play .