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Bear in mind that you will stay several days in a native community, sharing daily life, discovering its typical way of life, its culture and traditions. You will be accommodated in one of the private houses of the village and take your meals at home with the family. This will be a good start for the integration in the community..

The families

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During your walks in the community with your hosts, you will discover San Clemente, its people, its craftsmen, the field worke...But also the specificities inherent to their own culture as the medicinal plant path, which is carefully maintained because frequently used ; or the breeding of guinea pigs (indeed, they eat them as we are eating rabbits and many other things...!)
If you want to try this specialty, the family will love to preprare one for you. The preparation of one guinea pig costs $ 15.

"During one of our stays, we made the experience to "kill the pig", to celebrate a wedding or a school party at the end of a year, to celebrate the Inty Raimy (native celebration of the winter solstice), to help to prepare "chicha" (typical drink made of corn). Some other visitors, who came with their family, could leave their children at school for few days.
We went 4 times to San Clemente every stay was different from one another.



In the community

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